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FNI 2200w 355mm Metal Cutting Saw - Metal Cut Off Saw

FNI 2200w 355mm Metal Cutting Saw - Metal Cut Off Saw for sale
FNI 2200w 355mm Metal Cutting Saw - Metal Cut Off Saw is ready to ship within 24 hours anywhere in Australia
Old price: $179.00
Price: $149.00
Manufacturer: FNI
No workshop is complete without a Metal Cut-off Saw and the new FNI 2200W 355mm diameter Metal Cut-off Saw is ready to provide you long term solid performance for your metal cutting needs.


The FNI Metal Cutting Saw - Metal Cut Off Saw is one of the most powerful Metal Cutting Saws available in Australia. The FNI metal cutting saw quickly and easily cuts through metal especially steel and aluminium with a precise, quick and clean finish every time. The FNI Metal Cutting Saw comes with a powerful 2200 watt motor and a 355mm Diameter Cutting Abrasive Disc which is capable of cutting the metal easily providing Industrial grade Performance and Quality. This Metal Cut Off Saw has a rotating vice grip adjustment to make securing your work piece and cutting easy. This Metal Cut Off saw comes with a two year warranty. This Metal Cutting Saw is the must have power tool for your metal cutting workshop.

Key Features of FNI 2200w 355mm Metal Cutting Saw - Metal Cut Off Saw:

  • Powerful 2200W Motor
  • Repleacable Carbon Brushes
  • 355mm Diameter Abrasive Cutting Disc
  • Ergonomic Horizontal D-Shaped Handle
  • Easy to Use Rotating Vice Grip Adjustment
  • Industrial Performance and Quality
  • Durable Sturdy Construction
  • Easy Locking Mechanism for Transporting
  • Professional Steel Moving Safety Guard
  • Suits Multiple Blade types used with Metal Cut-off Saws
  •     - Abrasive Discs
  •     - Reinforced Fiber Disc
  •     - Diamond Discs
  •     - Ferrous Metal Blades
  •     - Supports Multiple Brands of Discs/Blades (≤Max 3400 rpm, 355mm Dia)
  • Complete Range of Spare Parts and Abrasive Discs Available Directly from Fill2ship

Technical Specifications of FNI 2200w 355mm Metal Cutting Saw - Metal Cut Off Saw:

  • Item Code: MCS2200-001
  • Motor: 2200W Motor
  • Cutting Speed: 3400 rpm
  • Cutting Disc Diameter: 355mm
  • Required Blade Bore Dia: 25.4mm
  • Cutting Capacity: 90 deg. 45deg.
  • Round Pipe: 100mm 100mm
  • Square Pipe: 100x100mm 90x90mm
  • Rectangle Pipe: 130x105mm 90x105mm
  • Product Weight: 21.8kg
  • Warranty period: 2 Year Warranty

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  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Same day dispatch - Ships within 24 hours from our Warehouse in Australia
  • 2 Year Full Manufacturers Warranty
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