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FNI 2200w 355mm Metal Cutting Saw - Metal Cut Off Saw

No workshop is complete without a Metal Cut-off Saw and the new FNI 2200W 355mm diameter Metal Cut-off Saw is ready to provide you long term solid performance for your metal cutting needs.

FNI 2500W Blow Vac

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Coming Soon in time for Fall!! The All New Future Now Industries 2500W Lawn and Garden Blow Vacuum.

The new FNI 2500W Blow Vac is built with a tough and ready 2500W motor. This robust motor spins a durable impeller at a maximum speed of up 14,000 RPMs. FNI's durable impeller allows this product to mulch leaves and other debris at a ratio of 10:1, while powering and collecting this debris into a 40L collection bag. This blow vac in addition to its impressive mulching credentials boasts a blowing airspeed in excess of 220 km/hr. Its like having a typhoon in the palm of your hands! The product also comes equipped with a shoulder harness for easy carrying and front wheels making it sufficiently comfortable to use as you collect debris.

Key Features:
  • Dependable 2500W Motor
  • Durable Mulching Impeller
  • 10:1 Mulch Ratio
  • 40L Collection bag
  • 220 km/hr Blowing Air Speed
  • Shoulder Harness and Front Wheels


FNI 26cc Titanium Line Trimmer

New for 2013! The FNI 26cc Titanium Line Trimmer Available Now to Ship from our warehouse! While Supplies Last! We heard your request and we are ready this Season with the Perfect Line Trimmer for your Lawn Care Needs!

FNI 43cc Titanium Brush Cutter

FNI brings you the best Innovative value for money Brush Cutter with Titanium Hardened Brush Cutting Blades and 43cc Titanium Tech Engine. This Brush Cutter can be used not only as a Brush Cutter, but as a Lawn Trimmer/Line Trimmer.
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