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Fill2ship: Sustainable Packaging- Monday, August 26, 2013

Fill2ship Packages all of our products for shipment direct from our warehouse located in Adelaide. We take great care in ensuring our products are packaged to survive the rigours of being transported by Australian domestic couriers. We package generally in brown boxes with a single brand label and 2 packaging logistics Data labels. Where possible we try to use primarily fully recyclable shipping materials to ensure our impact on the environment is reduced. This approach also allows us to reduce the cost of our packaging in many cases that we in turn do pass on to our customers. This is just another example of how Fill2ship is trying to be a value for money and practical online retailer, while at the same time making the best possible effort to consider the environment as well as the transportation requireemnts of our products. If there are any questions about our packaging and packaging methods that you may have please email us

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Wish Lists - How we help You!!- Saturday, August 24, 2013

At Fill2ship we pay attention to what our customers like and wish for. Of you see a product on our site that you would like to have but for some reason have not purchased please let us know by adding the product to your wish list. Also please feel free to email us and tell us more about the product offerings you would like to see on our site at

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Fill2ship Spare Parts, Service and Repair- Thursday, August 1, 2013

Its been a while since we posted to our Blog, but wanted to take an opportunity to talk about one of the key questions we get asked from time to time.




Fill2ship makes it a point to have on hand at any given time a number of spare parts in inventory for our Jimy Industrial, Future Now Industries (FNI) and Worktec brand products. While all of our spare parts are not listed on our website we do maintan a substantial quantity of spare parts for service and up keep. These parts are instantly available to our customers upon contacting us at .

For instance on many of our wood cutting, metal cutting and lawn care products we carry additional blades, discs, and spools depending on the product. We consider these consumable items and have them on hand should a customer need these items.

Many of our electrical products we carry additional armatures, brushes, pumps, etc so that these products can be better service.

Officially, we aim to work with all of customers on a case by case basis to take the best most appropriate action to help solve any product related issues with products that either under warranty and even past the warranty period.

In addition to have parts on hand and in some cases offering an outright replacement option we can service the product upon paid return to us or servicing. We expect soon also to have a statewide network of service centers that can help service and repair Fill2ship Products and will be posting this to our website as soon as this network comes available.

Again, we look forward to many years of continued service and support and sincerely appreciate the patronage of all of our Fill2ship Customers.




Fill2ship Customer Service

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