The Story Behind the Fill2ship Logo

The Story Behind the Fill2ship Logo!

Some of you maybe wondering what is the story behind the Fill2ship Logo??

Well this logo came to be with a vision of communicating both our Online web address

but also to explain to our customers what our business was instantly about.

Actually the logo is made up of 3 main components:

1. The Container

This symbolizes the loading or Filling of a Container with Fill2ship Products.

2. The Cargo Ship

This stands for the process of Transporting products to Australia or bringing them to the market.

3. Your House or Business

This is where it all comes together and Fill2ship has delivered a great product at a great price directly to your home or business!

Fill2ship was the first company in the world dedicated to power tools, hardware and home improvement to begin to operate with this unique business model. It takes the support, trust, and belief in customers like you to make it happen!

Jason Kiner

Chief Enthusiasm Officer

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