Can I Use the 7.2V Worktec Sprayer to Spray Insecticide or other Liquids??

This is a very good question and I had this questions asked of me this week. We sold a 7.2V worktec sprayer to a gentlemen I will just refer to as Greg. 

Greg wanted to spray the following solution using the 7.2V Worktec Sprayer.

Basically, if you are looking at the Worktec sprayer being offered via our website and you are interested in spraying a questionable fluid the first question to ask yourself is what is the "Viscosity".  In Greg's case we compared the viscosity to Water and decided as a company to take a chance on selling Greg one of our Worktec Sprayer's. As part of our commitment to Greg we agreed to back him up if the product did not work.
The other question to ask is what is the PH of the this case the substance Greg wanted to Spray was around 6.5 to 7.2 PH.....for those of you who are not engineers a PH of 7 is the water and its basically nuetral meaning its not an acid and not a base.
You need to ask your self about the PH, because heavily acid especially, and also basic substances can react with or corrode the metal parts in the sprayer and or wear out the o-rings.
So to make a long story short...if the substance you want to spray is close to water in terms if viscosity and has a near neutral PH then it is probably ok to use the 7.2V Li-ion Worktec Sprayer available here from Fill2ship.
Hope that helps.
Jason Kiner
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