Who is FNI? Why the FNI Brand in Fill2ship??

This is a question I sometimes get asked by email so thought I would take some time to answer this for our customers.

FNI stands for Future Now Industries. Actually, it has been told in private that FNI does in fact have a very special meaning far beyond the name shown here. This company has been selling and producing innovative outdoor power equipment since 2009. The first products they launched with was the 43cc Titanium brush cutter which is currently sold in more than 8 different professional markets world wide. Then there was development followed up in other line trimming product categories such as small line trimmers and hedge trimmers and further developments in advanced trimmer lines.....Beginning in 2010 and 2011 Future Now Industries been able to expand its product offerings into other categories such as cordless technologies and electrical power generation.  FNI the whole time has kepts its eye on where the market is going and what new ideas, innovations, and products with great value they can bring to their customers.

Future Now Industries was built off the back of its founder having years of power tool manufacturing and project managment experience having first worked for Black and Decker and then later on for Global Machinery Company of Australia and to this day the owner of the company is still called upon to help other companies improve thier manufacturing capabilities. Future Now Industries has consulted to Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies teaching others what they have learned through the years.

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