Fill2ship: Sustainable Packaging- Monday, August 26, 2013

Fill2ship Packages all of our products for shipment direct from our warehouse located in Adelaide. We take great care in ensuring our products are packaged to survive the rigours of being transported by Australian domestic couriers. We package generally in brown boxes with a single brand label and 2 packaging logistics Data labels. Where possible we try to use primarily fully recyclable shipping materials to ensure our impact on the environment is reduced. This approach also allows us to reduce the cost of our packaging in many cases that we in turn do pass on to our customers. This is just another example of how Fill2ship is trying to be a value for money and practical online retailer, while at the same time making the best possible effort to consider the environment as well as the transportation requireemnts of our products. If there are any questions about our packaging and packaging methods that you may have please email us

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Wish Lists - How we help You!!- Saturday, August 24, 2013

At Fill2ship we pay attention to what our customers like and wish for. Of you see a product on our site that you would like to have but for some reason have not purchased please let us know by adding the product to your wish list. Also please feel free to email us and tell us more about the product offerings you would like to see on our site at

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Fill2ship Spare Parts, Service and Repair- Thursday, August 1, 2013

Its been a while since we posted to our Blog, but wanted to take an opportunity to talk about one of the key questions we get asked from time to time.




Fill2ship makes it a point to have on hand at any given time a number of spare parts in inventory for our Jimy Industrial, Future Now Industries (FNI) and Worktec brand products. While all of our spare parts are not listed on our website we do maintan a substantial quantity of spare parts for service and up keep. These parts are instantly available to our customers upon contacting us at .

For instance on many of our wood cutting, metal cutting and lawn care products we carry additional blades, discs, and spools depending on the product. We consider these consumable items and have them on hand should a customer need these items.

Many of our electrical products we carry additional armatures, brushes, pumps, etc so that these products can be better service.

Officially, we aim to work with all of customers on a case by case basis to take the best most appropriate action to help solve any product related issues with products that either under warranty and even past the warranty period.

In addition to have parts on hand and in some cases offering an outright replacement option we can service the product upon paid return to us or servicing. We expect soon also to have a statewide network of service centers that can help service and repair Fill2ship Products and will be posting this to our website as soon as this network comes available.

Again, we look forward to many years of continued service and support and sincerely appreciate the patronage of all of our Fill2ship Customers.




Fill2ship Customer Service

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The Story Behind the Fill2ship Logo- Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Story Behind the Fill2ship Logo!

Some of you maybe wondering what is the story behind the Fill2ship Logo??

Well this logo came to be with a vision of communicating both our Online web address

but also to explain to our customers what our business was instantly about.

Actually the logo is made up of 3 main components:

1. The Container

This symbolizes the loading or Filling of a Container with Fill2ship Products.

2. The Cargo Ship

This stands for the process of Transporting products to Australia or bringing them to the market.

3. Your House or Business

This is where it all comes together and Fill2ship has delivered a great product at a great price directly to your home or business!

Fill2ship was the first company in the world dedicated to power tools, hardware and home improvement to begin to operate with this unique business model. It takes the support, trust, and belief in customers like you to make it happen!

Jason Kiner

Chief Enthusiasm Officer

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Can I Use the 7.2V Worktec Sprayer to Spray Insecticide or other Liquids??- Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This is a very good question and I had this questions asked of me this week. We sold a 7.2V worktec sprayer to a gentlemen I will just refer to as Greg. 

Greg wanted to spray the following solution using the 7.2V Worktec Sprayer.

Basically, if you are looking at the Worktec sprayer being offered via our website and you are interested in spraying a questionable fluid the first question to ask yourself is what is the "Viscosity".  In Greg's case we compared the viscosity to Water and decided as a company to take a chance on selling Greg one of our Worktec Sprayer's. As part of our commitment to Greg we agreed to back him up if the product did not work.
The other question to ask is what is the PH of the this case the substance Greg wanted to Spray was around 6.5 to 7.2 PH.....for those of you who are not engineers a PH of 7 is the water and its basically nuetral meaning its not an acid and not a base.
You need to ask your self about the PH, because heavily acid especially, and also basic substances can react with or corrode the metal parts in the sprayer and or wear out the o-rings.
So to make a long story short...if the substance you want to spray is close to water in terms if viscosity and has a near neutral PH then it is probably ok to use the 7.2V Li-ion Worktec Sprayer available here from Fill2ship.
Hope that helps.
Jason Kiner
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Who is FNI? Why the FNI Brand in Fill2ship??- Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This is a question I sometimes get asked by email so thought I would take some time to answer this for our customers.

FNI stands for Future Now Industries. Actually, it has been told in private that FNI does in fact have a very special meaning far beyond the name shown here. This company has been selling and producing innovative outdoor power equipment since 2009. The first products they launched with was the 43cc Titanium brush cutter which is currently sold in more than 8 different professional markets world wide. Then there was development followed up in other line trimming product categories such as small line trimmers and hedge trimmers and further developments in advanced trimmer lines.....Beginning in 2010 and 2011 Future Now Industries been able to expand its product offerings into other categories such as cordless technologies and electrical power generation.  FNI the whole time has kepts its eye on where the market is going and what new ideas, innovations, and products with great value they can bring to their customers.

Future Now Industries was built off the back of its founder having years of power tool manufacturing and project managment experience having first worked for Black and Decker and then later on for Global Machinery Company of Australia and to this day the owner of the company is still called upon to help other companies improve thier manufacturing capabilities. Future Now Industries has consulted to Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies teaching others what they have learned through the years.

You can read more about them at

Jason Kiner



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